Friday, May 13, 2011

Wow, I have been working on this arc for awhile. Granted there was a loooong break in there...but still.

The newest page, Page 29 is right here if you want to take a look.

I am really anxious to end this story. I have been thinking of various endings, and the first one would have plunged me right into another story would have "spun off" so to speak, I guess is the term. However, I need to take a break from the Ants and work on another project in the works, so I definitely didn't want to do that.

Another ending I was going to go with, again, would have spun off into a whole new arc, so I ditched that one. I was having trouble coming up with an ending where I wouldn't feel like I left it open-ended, you know?

A couple weeks ago, I took a break for a week to take care of household issues (basically getting rid of a lot of extra stuff I had lying around), and I came up with a perfect (and funny) ending. Well, at least I hope it's funny.

I hope to wrap this arc up in two or three more pages. After that, the Ants will be shelved for awhile--not permanently of course--so i can work on a new, fresh idea. I need to switch gears for awhile.

So, Antcomics will continue, but not on a regular update type schedule. They'll pretty much be whenever I think of an Ant idea. And probably no more long story arcs...I say "probably", of course you never know.

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